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A Journey in Every Sip: The Exclusive Perc Coffee Bag at Bowerbird Café

At Bowerbird Café, we believe that coffee is more than a beverage; it’s a story, a connection, a timeless journey. Our exclusive collaboration with Perc Coffee has given birth to a unique coffee bag that tells a tale as rich as the brew it contains.

Inspired by Adelaide Harcourt’s adventurous spirit, the illustrations on this bag pay homage to her beginnings in New York, captured with an artistic flair reminiscent of the New Yorker. A distant NYC skyline sets the scene, while hints of her travels are illustrated through the nostalgic modes of transportation: the train, the car – all depicting the wanderlust that drove her.

But even in adventure, there’s a place we call home. Perry Lane’s sense of warmth and belonging is beautifully expressed as Adelaide gazes at the world from her window sill. A nod to our big arched window at the Bowerbird counter, these same shapes weave into the design, creating a tapestry of comfort, exploration, and artistry.

This limited-edition coffee bag isn’t merely a container; it’s an ode to wanderlust, creativity, and the home that we’ve found in Savannah. It celebrates our connection to the local community, our shared love for exploration, and our desire to bring you flavors that resonate with the soul.

Indulge in the taste of our exclusive perc coffee blend, and take a piece of Bowerbird Café’s journey home with you. Each sip is a step on a trail blazed with passion, craft, and the joy of discovery.

Discover the Bowerbird Café. Discover your journey.


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